Hiring a Landscaper? Ask These Questions First

Many people do not put a lot of thought when it comes to hiring a landscaper for their home. They think that just about anyone with a truck and a couple of tools is enough to take care of their lawns. Truth be told this is not always the case as each lawn is different in terms of not just size but also features. While some lawns may be easier to maintain than others, you still need to hire the right company that can do the best job for you.  Here are some questions to pose when hiring a landscaper.

Are you fully insured and bonded?

According to landscaping company Corcoran MN this should be the 1st question you need to ask a potential landscaper. Reputable companies will answer in the affirmative and thus take away any risk on your side should anything befall their workers on site. Landscaping may involve moving heavy plants and trees including operating machinery, proper insurance protection is always a necessity.

How long have you been operating as a landscaping business?

Track record and experience is essential to choosing a landscaper in order to ensure they know what they are doing as well as have the necessary experience to tackle landscaping issue. Check online if they have a website and peruse the company history as well as the past work they have done.

Do you have industry specialists on your staff?

While a landscaping crew that can install plants and sod is great to have you will need a professional arborist when it comes to dealing with trees in your property.  Horticulturists on the other hand are great when it comes to the placement of plants in the property and they are also quite knowledgeable about what type of flora will work best in your particular region.

Will you stay until completion?

According to landscaper Plymouth MN experts, you never should assume that you are the only customer that the landscaper has at the moment. Get a clear timetable for the project’s completion. The last thing you need is having to wait-around with a half-finished lawn because the landscaper has to divide his crew with yours and another project.

Posing these questions to candidates for your landscaping project will help you choose the best company for the job and help avoid potential headaches as well. Do consider them the next time you hire somebody to fix your lawn.